paper acceptance email

always nice to get one of the three good emails:

Dear Dr. Pang:

It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript LA-16-193.R2, entitled “Forced-air pre-warming prevents peri-anaesthetic hypothermia and shortens recovery in adult rats”, for publication in Laboratory Animals. Thank you for your fine contribution.

this is for Chelsea‘s summer project work improving temperature management in rats around the time of general anaesthesia, an even that is associated with reduced capacity for normal body temperature control, leading frequently to hypothermia. the consequences of hypothermia in veterinary species are not well understood as they have received little attention; however, the negative consequences in people are well documented, even with relatively small drops in temperature as little as 1 degree Celsius.

Chelsea showed that pre-warming rats with a glorified hot air dryer was very effective at protecting them from the onset of hypothermia during aproximately 40 minutes of anaesthesia. In contrast, rats that were not warmed at all, showed a dramatic, linear decrease in temperature, well below that which would be considered acceptable in human anaesthesia. subsequently, these rats took over 4 times longer to recover than the pre-warmed rats.