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congratulations Jesse!

many congratulations to Jesse on winning a poster presentation prize at the University of Calgary’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Veterinary students often struggle with selecting the appropriate endotracheal tube size for different sizes of dogs. Placing an endotracheal tube (breathing tube) in the trachea is a key skill as part of anaesthetic management as it facilitates breathing and protects the airway (and lungs) from accidentally inhaling foreign material. However, there are few guidelines available on how to select the correct tube size; large variations in body weight and race (think chihuahua, great dane and pug!) mean that this skill is largely gained through experience.

Jesse took a lot of anatomical measurements and tried to find if there were any that could be used to predict the correct endotracheal tube size. Though none were ideal, he did identify a  couple of options that serve as a good starting point, helping students to get within a few millimetres of the right size.