Monthly Archives: November 2016

paper progressing through review

just received the notification that a paper, submitted to the journal of feline medicine and surgery, has come back from the reviewers with minor comments.


always good to have positive reviews with constructive criticism; all the better for the swift turnaround, with a time from submission of only 17 days. this is a first paper for marika & tatum, and marika is on a roll with a second paper in review.

textbook citation

spotted by michelle in a the latest edition (2015) of lumb & jones, THE veterinary anaesthesia reference text. this references our work (#200) showing a small increase in intraocular pressure (approx 5 mmHg) following induction of general anaesthesia with the neurosteroid alfaxalone. Whether such a small increase is relevant is debatable, as it remained within the normal range of intraocular pressure for dogs with healthy eyes. However, this change could have adverse consequences where the intraocular pressure is already raised or where minimal changes in pressure are tolerated. this paper was mentioned in the very first post on this page, here.