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paper accepted – congratulations Vivian & Emily!

sci rep_vivian
Well done to Vivian and Emily for all their work on this paper, which nicely shows that the Rat Grimace Scale is not limited to being a research tool, but can be successfully applied to real-time pain assessment. This will allow rapid assessment and decision making, improving the care and welfare of laboratory and pet rats.

more preprint

PeerJ preprints for a case report. Unusual complication of anaphylaxis most likely to have been triggered by an antibiotic. Not v common, but life-threatening. The paper has been submitted to BMJ Vet Rec Case Reports. Click through to read the report.

peerj preprint

waving or drowning*

steadily increasing our portfolio of rat-related food: strawberry rats with choc chip ears floating on top of cheesecake, by Vivian, though it’s not entirely clear if they’re waving or drowning!
rat cheesecake

*Not Waving But Drowning – Stevie Smith