Monthly Archives: June 2016


always wondered how people write…here’s a glimpse in to the usual jumble (chaos?) of draft figures, notes, analysis and text (& coffee) leading to a first draft. this was for jessie’s paper (see prev post).

euth paper

pre-print servers & open science

finally taken the leap to uploading a manuscript draft to a pre-print server, biorxiv, as well as putting the associated data in a repository (Harvard dataverse). all good stuff. the manuscript, a long (3 years) overdue write up of Jessie’s MSc project has been submitted to PLoS One.



CALAS 2016, Toronto

Lots of fun at the conference, with Vivian, Jessie and Chelsea all giving excellent presentations. Here is Chelsea presenting in front of a portrait of the Queen (Royal York Hotel, Library Room) and her rather snazzy conclusion slide.


chelsea_calas slide


double celebration as Emily was accepted to vet school at the WCVM and Vivian’s first paper came back with v positive reviewer comments.

spot the alpaca and “real time RGS” strawberries…Hayley’s culinary skills!