paper accepted – BMC Vet Res

Congratulations to Nicole, one of our first veterinary interns at the clinic. What was initially meant to be a straightforward review paper to precede Nicole’s actual internship project (an audit of peri-operative hypothermia) turned in to a fairly drawn out process: 446 days (or 1 year 2 months and 19 days) from submission to acceptance…this resulted from some delays returning a revision (I was the rate limiting step) followed by a long dance with another incarnation of Reviewer 3 (much more reasonable this time around, but wonderfully vague recommendations for revisions).
This systematic review (with considerable help from our librarian, Lorraine) looked at the use of clinical audit in companion animals (primarily cats and dogs). We found, somewhat surprisingly, that clinical audit appears to be an underused tool to evaluate practice and, when it is used, the quality of study design and reporting is often quite weak.