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A story about a rooster has received quite a bit of attention.

papers published

It’s been an incredibly successful year with 3 more papers published in the last few weeks.
2015-07-01 08.17.18 pm
This work reflects a large part of Deb’s MSc thesis and is the first to compare the Rat Grimace Scale to mechanical threshold testing with von Frey filaments. These findings reflect the experience of Gould (Pain, 2000 85:301), who accidentally injected his finger with CFA and then went on to document the experience, testing himself with thermal and mechanical stimuli and providing reports of spontaneous pain. Both studies showed that spontaneous pain follows an abbreviated time course compared to mechanical hypersensitivity, indicating that the Rat Grimace Scale potentially reflects the human experience of acute inflammatory pain. This is also a first publication for summer students Chelsea and Julie.

2015-07-01 08.18.12 pm
This paper is long overdue, the study was completed a few years ago as an internship project for Bronwyn Fullagar (now at Ohio State). We were interested in how noisy veterinary ICUs might be compared to human ICUs, where there is strong evidence that noise has a detrimental effect on sleep, rest and recovery. We were able to show that veterinary ICUs can be quite noisy, to a similar level as human ICUs and far exceed WHO recommendations for hospital noise levels. The impact of these findings on veterinary ICU patients remains to be determined…

2015-07-01 08.18.40 pm
Finally, this paper reflects a summer project involving DVM students and animal health technicians, where we were interested in the effects of different anaesthetic protocols on a feline pain assessment scale. Hopefully, the finding that ketamine influences the use of the pain assessment scale can be accounted for when assessing peri-operative pain in cats.