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paper accepted – Eur J Pain – congratulations Deb!

Congratulations to Deb, Julie and Chelsea on their paper being accepted to the European Journal of Pain. This was the bulk of Deb’s MSc thesis, examining the relationship between the Rat Grimace Scale and evoked response testing. She showed that the RGS may be a closer reflection of the human pain experience than an evoked response test (mechanical hypersensitivity with von Frey filaments). Julie and Chelsea contributed significantly to data collection during their first summer in the lab.

summer 2015

the summer is well underway with all the projects finalised and most are well underway. will be updating the members page soon with new additions but we’re currently up to 9 undergrad trainees (DVM, BSc, BHSc and Nuroscience programmes), 1 grad student and a partridge in a pear tree…working on around 8 projects. Here’s to a busy and productive few months!

congratulations Drs Buisman and Hasiuk!

many congratulations to Mandy and Michelle on graduating in the UCVM class of 2015!
their efforts were additionally recognised with awards from the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia for proficiency in anesthesia (Michelle) and the Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine for proficiency in small animal practice (Mandy).
Michelle is going to the Ontario Vet College for a small animal internship and Mandy is joining a private practice in St Albert, Alberta.

paper accepted – JVIM

falling under the category of “good emails“:


Dear Dr. Pang:

Manuscript ID JVIM-SA-14-373.R1 entitled “Sound pressure levels in two veterinary intensive care units” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, provided that you address to the satisfaction of the editors the changes and queries included in the edited version of your manuscript.”