Monthly Archives: October 2013

Welcome to the Pang Lab’s first post

This is a slightly guilty first post, as setting up a “lab website” has been on the to-do list for far too long. Anyway, finally here, and looking forward to keeping it updated, at least semi-regularly.

As is apparent from the “Members” section, I straddle both clinical and laboratory based research. This reflects my experience, training, and exposure to some great clinicians and researchers. With time I’m hoping to grow the overarching theme of pain assessment and welfare.

A few things that we’ve achieved since starting the lab:

1. first lab paper (very exciting) – “Carbon dioxide, but not isoflurane, elicits ultrasonic vocalizations in female rats” – Chisholm J*, De Rantere D*, Krajacic A, Pang D – Lab Anim 2013 Oct;47(4):324-7. doi: 10.1177/0023677213493410. Epub 2013 Jul 4. *joint first authors.
A preliminary abstract from this data was presented as a poster at the Non-human Species Special Interest Group at the IASP 2012 meeting, where it was awarded the best senior author poster prize.

2. our first ever NSERC Discovery Grant Award (2013-2018)

3. built a good relationship with a couple of our Distributed Veterinary Learning Centre (DVLC) partner practices.

4. first clinical research paper (in partnership with a DVLC practice) – “A comparison of alfaxalone and propofol on intraocular pressure in healthy dogs” – Hasiuk M, Forde N, Cooke A, Ramey K, Pang D – in press at Veterinary Ophthalmology.
This work was supported by a UCVM Summer Undergraduate Research Experience stipend awarded to Michelle Hasiuk.